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Originally Posted by dpmpv View Post
This battery is a noticeable amount better than the stock battery. The only problem I have is when charging the phone the battery meter is way for it only increases about 1/2 of what it should tried pulling the battery and still no luck, had it in the phone about an month and still having the same issue should be enough time to rewrite the battery bin phone is not rooted so i can't do it manually. So, great battery unless you charge a little off and on throughout the day because the battery meter will end up way off
Its always going to charge weird, but the extra battery life is certainly noticeable.

As for the batterystats.bin, that is just a logging file, it has no control over how the battery charges, or how long it lasts. There was an article by a Google dev explaining that 'calibrating' cannot be done by wiping that file, making all the calibration tools useless. Everything is handled internally by the OS.

Bottom line, however your phone reads the Rezound battery will not change. Just get used to it charging a little odd, and enjoy the extra battery life.
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