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wow, looks like I am not the only one annoyed by those pop up alerts.. several user make note of how annoying it is. as well, on a side note, 1 mentions their invasive marketing push and constant pimping of themselves in the app and when accessing the forum.. classic

but this is the best part, direct from the creator... EVERY forum owner should make this change and block that alert box

"The popup only shows once and the admin can completely remove it by modifying a one liner script at the header file. We are not sure why it keeps displaying on some devices - we'll take a look and see what we can do."

and just for the record.... I really like the "concept" of this and want to use it, 1 local place to browse all my forums is great. But as I stated above, they are to pushy with marketing, try to take traffic with the alert, and the app itself is bloated with features that the average forum user wouldn't use as forum users mostly go direct to find forums they want - so namely, all the ways you can get access - or that are right in your face - to other forums and their content you wouldnt/didnt/never would accessed and dont care about.

I am not looking for a social networking version of a forum reader trying to sell me on other forums and what's happening on those other forums I don't care about, I am looking for a tool I can select ONLY what forums I want and add them... and not be inundated with ways to look at forums I do not care about.
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