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Originally Posted by Boffy1 View Post
Hi everyone, first-time poster...

I currently have an HTC EVO with Sprint and I'm quite happy with the phone. However, I,was disappointed to learn that it is not likely to get the ICS update. That started me looking for options. Since I'm not in a huge hurry, I have the luxury of doing a lot of investigation.

I am quite interested in the Motorola Photon that Sprint offers, however I will not make the switch until I know that it will get the ICS update sometime.

In addition to changing phones, I also started looking at tablets. My wife surprised me with an iPad2 for Christmas, but I have yet to find a practical use for it other than its excellent web browsing capabilities. Now my wife has learned that her home-based business will be supported with an iPad app, so that is my excuse to return to Android..... Hence the exploration of tablets. Anyway, all of this background info to say that I'm thinking this lapdock 500 pro with the Photon will be more to my liking, especially since it appears to give tablet functionality without an additional data plan. My iPad is wi-fi only, and while I would love the added web access that a cell connection would offer, I still don't see enough practicality to justify the expense of an additional line just for data.

One use I have envisioned is access to AutoCAD drawings for editing on a tablet (I already do a little of this on my EVO, but obviously a larger screen would work better). The touchscreen capability of the traditional tablets would easily allow such editing. Do you think the touchpad/mouse of the lapdock would enable a similar capability?

Ok now.... So sorry for the long-winded post. What I am after is some opinions on whether or not you think I am thinking this thru correctly, that the lapdock would be the equivalent of a tablet without the additional data plan. I do realize that there are some limitations such as no touchscreen and a more bulky item, but I don't mind those downsides so much. What other downsides do you see vs. true tablet? What advantages? Thanks for any input!
The tablet comparison wouldn't be correct, since the Lapdocks (either the 100 or 500) are not touch enabled on the screen and you're limited to the touchpad/mouse.

I guess the appropriate qualifying question would be, how are you at using AutoCAD on a laptop? The experience would be exactly the same. I should also preface that by mentioning I've never seen AutoCAD edits being done on an Android phone period, so in that regard, I'm actually surprised that you're able to do AutoCAD editing on the EVO, let alone an android phone. Now, it should also be mentioned that others have been successful at using a USB enabled mouse connected to the lapdock (without issues).

The other qualifying statement should be made about the Lapdock 500 that I believe not all functionalities have been made "completely" compatible with the MoPho, so you may run into issues there.

Hope this helps a 'bit.
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