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Originally Posted by mrodgers View Post
Just stumbled onto this thread and have a question....

I'm using prepaid service, thus limited on everything including data. Is there a setting to only use wifi and never use 3G? That would be helpful if not. The phones are our communication link between the wife and I and I am on wifi at work, she is on wifi at home. I wouldn't want 3G to be used if she was away from wifi and would want to use the standard text messaging with my prepaid plan. We hardly use cellular for phone calls and don't have a specific calling plan, but it would be nice while at work on wifi to use the phone when needed rather than hunting down a desk phone or paying per minute charges on the prepaid. I just don't want to do it on 3G data since we are limited there as well.

Also, being prepaid, the phones are lower quality and we are limited on internal memory. Can this be moved to the SD card, or forced to move on a rooted phone and work?

I believe if you simply turn on your wifi connection, you'll have no problem. Also, the call quality is better via wifi anyway.
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