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Originally Posted by Boffy1 View Post
Yes I have taken note that there are functionality issues with other than a razr. I assume, as many others on here have, that there will be an update to address those issues at some point.

Regarding AutoCAD on android, Autodesk has put out an app for both iPad and android that is similar to their drawing viewer software except that it allows some AutoCAD utility such as drawing lines, etc. and being able to measure objects. I use it mostly on return visits to a site I have worked on (I'm a land surveyor) to verify that the mapping has been drawn correctly and nothing is missing. I occasionally add objects or notes which I can then download back at the office to make corrections. Not real useful on the phone, but very useful on the iPad and surely on an android tablet as well.

Having said all that, 90% of the time I would be using whatever I get (true tablet or this lapdock) to surf, read ebooks, or read/answer email. The plus for the lapdock (in my mind) is that I can have a 3G tablet-like experience without having to pay for another data line. It's not as "elegant" as a tablet, but it gets me that other piece of the puzzle -- cell connection without paying for another line.

Incidentally I dropped by a local Verizon store today and they had the 100 on display. It is the first time I had seen one in person. Pretty neat stuff. I liked the keyboard feel, and the screen looks just like a netbook.

Something else that I like vs. the iPad is the full-sized USB ports. For my needs, this is a great plus.

If I go the tablet route, I'll be paying around $500 without cell connection. With the lapdock 500 pro I'll shell out $300 (at Verizon) plus another $50 for the Photon (Best Buy and Amazon price), and have a larger screen than the tablets.

The big question: will I regret this choice and wish I had just bought the tablet in the first place???. That's the discussion I am interested in. Thanks for any opinions, good or bad.

I'm holding out for 100% compatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500 PRO,as you probably are.

The only other sticking that I can see at this point is if you'll be satisfied w/4G WIMAX.

SPRINT has promised to maintain existing 4G WIMAX areas until 2015,if that helps in your decision.

Also,in the meantime,if you haven't already,check out some videos of the HD DOCK that is available for the MO PHO,on YOU-TUBE & MOTO'S website. Some pretty cool stuff you can do w/it,plus,you can pick one up on the cheap on e-Bay.
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