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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
With each new Samsung product I have noticed the radios have gotten better. From the Moment, to the Epic, then the Nexus, and now the Epic Touch. I hear some people having trouble with their GPS on their ET4G but mine locks almost immediately. I rarely have 1 or 3 bars of service, it's always 4 or more.

Maybe I haven't spend enough time with an HTC or Motorola device to see a BIG difference. But then again, I don't want to. Where Samsung may lack some in radios it makes up for in camera quality, battery life, thinness, and screen tech. IMO

Not to knock what you are saying, but aren't they after all, phones? The reception should be top priority. They are communication devices first and foremost. I would never own a Samsung after reading countless numbers of posts/threads about how much the radios are sub par. I understand that all the manufacturers have issues. No denying that.... But a phone really should work as a phone, right?
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