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Default Skype as supplement to the 100 plan minutes

Originally Posted by surgerush View Post
Lol, actually if you reed down a bit further, I then said

"I've changed my mind about grooveip... at first it was great... now it seems like I'm having nothing but problems with it no matter how much I play with the settings... it was a complete waste of $5.... I'll still be ok with the 100 minutes a month, but grooveip is worthless for me."

Not a fan anymore, lol. Some seem to have it working great though I guess.
I tried groove ip as well and didn't get good results. I'm now using skype. It's not free, but I'm getting acceptable call quality. It costs $30 a year for unlimited calls, and if you want to have a number where they can call you, you can buy a number for $30. I didn't buy a number yet, maybe I will in the future. What I'm doing is letting the calls come in through groove ip (with my GV number), but not answering them, this allows callers to leave a message on my google voice acct which I can access without calling TMobile voicemail (which uses minutes). Then I call them from skype (I have set my outgoing number on skype as my google voice number so on their caller id it shows the correct number.
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