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Wanted to follow up with a couple things that I have learned since getting my Lapdock 500

Netflix --- I mentioned an error trying to watch in Fullscreen mode. It appears the error was becasue I was trying to go into Fullscreen after launching my movie. What you have to do is launch fullscrren before selecting play to watch your movie. Then you can truly enjoy true 99.9% Fullscreen mode(remember the Full screen button is in the bottom right corner of your mobile view window not to be confused with the "maximize" button in the top right corner.

USB Mouse --- I have not tried a wireless mouse but I have used a wired mouse and it works great. I have a small retractable Inland model# 07049, mouse that I picked up at Micro Center for like 7.99. makes a world of difference. Dont forget you can change the sensitivity of the mouse by going in to the settings menu located in the top right corner of the screen next to the Gmail logo (its the "gear" icon). I highly recommend getting a mouse for times when you are sitting at a table or desk.

Extra Keyboard buttons ---- twospirits asked about extra keys on the key board. There are a few extra buttons located around the perimeter of the keyboard. Starting from the top left corner and making our way clock wise around the perimeter. We have the 4 Android function keys that work with the mobile view; Menu, Home, Back & Search.Then you have the VGA on/off button which allows you to shift your screen to a full size monitor in mirror mode or just completely on the new monitor. Then we have buttons to adjust screen brightness, control music on your phone and volume controls w/mute. Music controls allow you to launch your music without actually going to your mobile view all played in the background. Not sure if it works with third party music players. Droid Razr owners should know that there are two stock music players Google's and Motorola's. The music keys surprisingly launches Googles player, which I prefer anyway. After the Print screen key there is a weird Phone key. I have no idea what that key is for becasue as of yet it does not do anything. I saw the Droid Razr Press Conference video where they hit it and claimed it was to rotate the mobile view screen. That is not true. Going down the right side we have Delete, Home, Page up and down (only helpful when using Firefox browser), End and navigation arrows. Making our way from bottom right to the left we have. Control, another Android Menu button (I like the placement here I use it often in Mobile view), Alt, Spacebar, Alt, another Android Search button, Function key and Control. Ending the circle we have your standard Shift, Caps Lock, Tab, and Squiggy(?).

Good to note I uploaded a picture I took of the keyboard if successful I woul like to say that it was done from my Lapdock 500 and it was pull form my phones memory. So if anyone is not aware when your phone is connected you are able to upload from it just like you were going into "my computer" on a PC to get your data.

Sorry for the late reply any more questions let me know.
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