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Arrow Enchanted Realm Tips

Does anyone have any tips for Enchanted Realm?

Here are mine, maybe they well help someone:
  1. Some buildings need to be built by roads. This requirement can be met by having one segment of road connecting to the site. You do NOT need the roads to connect to each other!
  2. After the building has been built, you can delete the road, or move it to the next building site. You only need the road when you build or move the building. If you are careful, you can squeeze a lot of buildings in a small space by slowly moving a road out from a corner as you fill in the space with buildings. Be aware, though, that rearranging things later can be difficult if you do pack things too tightly (hey, it's a bonus puzzle game!).
  3. Many of the missions/goals require you to turn in (or "charge") a collection. To maximize efficiency, try not to charge collections unless you have a mission to do so. (e.g. if you charge the Fruit collection randomly, then get a mission to charge it again, you'll need to wait to collect everything again, possibly holding up mission progression.)
  4. Along the same lines as the previous tip, try not to build or buy ANYTHING unless you have a mission to do so. You never know if your next mission will be to build a Smithy, which may take longer if you just built a Winery instead.
  5. After you've completed a mission and any followups, it MAY be safe to delete the mission item if that would help you. For instance, I personally deleted all my Mills, which take a tiny amount of goods but produce a tiny amount of money. Do be careful though, and don't delete anything too precious. Also be aware of followups, such as collecting income from a building you just built x number of times.
  6. The game doesn't allow picking up or storing buildings to help rearrange them. To get around this, I have taken to deleting my EMPTY crop fields to free up room if I need to move things around. They only cost 100 gold to rebuild, and take no energy or time.
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