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A couple things to consider/discuss.

One, widgets make Android app utilization less than Apple. I don't need to go into a weather app to see basic weather info, or my calendar, etc. So that is one thing that the apple folks can point out as skewing the numbers slightly, since they need to use apps more often (although they have to admit Android presents info quicker in order to make this argument )

Second, multi-tasking is handled differently between Android and iOS. I am not 100% up to date exactly how iOS 4.0+ handles multi-tasking. Would that affect how we should look at these numbers. I am wondering if the app closures per launch is even comparable. If an app crashed once a week, on android, that could theoretically be a 1-1 rate, if the app had been running the entire time. If iOS is psuedo-multitasking, and still closing the app down and restarting when it is called, there would be a lot more launches compared to android.
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