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Originally Posted by pupkact View Post
You know I am a huge Android fan, so I am no iPhone troll. To be fair to the survey, and iOS, it was conducted just prior to the GNex release here in the US (highlighted by the fact the the only ICS build is 4.0.1). I haven't read the whole article yet, going there next, but if the data was collected in the US only, that would mean that this would reflect only custom builds or leaked roms for ICS. New OS = App errors.
While I can see the Galaxy Nexus having an impact on the numbers, I don't think that it would make that much of a difference. At best/worse (depending which way you look at it), I bet it would make all of Android equal to iOS 5 alone. Of course that's pure speculation, but I think it's a fair estimate

But you have a good point. If the chart was re-polled again now, the ICS numbers would probably been increased.
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