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Originally Posted by dylo22 View Post
One factor the article doesn't account for is hardware. iOS is suppose to be able to run on iphones that are several generations back (I think for ios5 the bare minimum is 3GS). And from what I have read the 3gs is barely capable of running io5 and lots of people are complaining about slow downs, crashes and lock ups. So I'm wondering if a good percentage of ios5 crashes in that chart has to do with ios5 running on older hardware such as 3gs or maybe even 4g.
This is another excellent point. I don't think we can make clear comparisons regarding this info as far as app crashes, just too much difference in the environments. Although my friend with the 4S did say iOS 5.0+ has been very unstable compared to 4.0+ when he had is 3GS when I was discussing this article with him.

But you can't deny that for all the talk of android fragmentation, 23 versions vs. 33 versions is an incredible point to combat that line of thought. Its really not that bad.
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