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I wonder about this: "Surprisingly, Crittercismís data (gathered from more than 214 million app launches between November and December of 2011) shows that apps on iOS crashed much more frequently than comparable apps on Android. Just take a look at that pie graph. Itís easily dominated by iOS, covering nearly 75% of total crashes. Yup. I was just as blown away as you. Numbers donít lie."

What does this really mean? Angry birds on iOS crashes more or less than AB on Android? Or one hidden object game on Android crashed as much as another hidden object game on iOS. I would like to know what specific applications are being compared.

In the early days, i noted that Fox Pro for DOS crashed far more than Access for Windows. Does that mean Fox Pro for DOS was worse?

Were rooted/Jailbroken devices accounted for? Was the user a moron or expert user? Did the iPad user try to run incompatible programs? Sorry, it is on our beloved site and I should believe it because I am an Android Forum Fan Boy, Smiley, but I has many questions.

Apparently, Crittercismís data comes from those that use Crittercismís SDK. Not sure what that means. I went to their web site and apparently, they receive feedback from developers and users when a crash occurs. Not sure what other data is provided, so perhaps why the app crashed is covered in the reports. I would hope so.

Apparently, there are more iPhones in Crittercism's network than Android devices. Does this matter? Does Crittercism's comments about some crashes happen because of poor internet connections mean anything?

Perhaps the more knowledgeable among us can visit their web site and 'splain things to Dense Old Crabby Tired Bob.

Actually, is this the site? I would hate to get all riled up and paint a company in a bad light:

Crash Reports for iOS and Android Mobile App Developers | Crittercism

I did a few Google searches and noted that there are many web articles about iOS crashing more than Android but they all reference the article the OP posted. What does that mean? Also, iOS 5 and the minor upgrades is new so many applications still need to be made compatible. I use Pages and it started crashing. The reason was, I downloaded it through iTunes and when I synced, it was copied to my device. It would not run because it is for iOS 5 and I did not upgrade my iOS.

In my uneducated opinion, this story gets lots of attention because so many web sites using the same information and parroting the Crittercism web site. I just want to know a little more before I pull out my hair ahd toss my crappy iPad and replace it with an android tablet.
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