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Never let it be said that the views expressed here are not fair and balanced.

From the Forbes article -

So what does all this data mean? On a basic level, you can see that iOS apps crashed more than Android apps during this time period. But Crittercism’s Levy cautions that this doesn’t necessarily mean that overall iOS apps crash more than Android apps. That’s because Apple had recently released a new version iOS 5 in October. Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (Android 4.0), meanwhile, had not been widely released on phones yet at the time of this study. “I expect as Ice Cream Sandwich just launched and the new Nexus S phone launched (during the study), we’ll expect the same situation to occur (with Android) as what happened (with iOS),” Levy says.
That may appear to contradict other statements attributed to Levy, but I personally read that as an honest call to not overuse the data.

That indicated to me a level of professionalism on Levy's part and journalistic integrity on Forbes' part.

I didn't see need of bringing it up earlier, not because I was being tricky, but because there may be a logical fallacy beyond the assumption of how ICS may yet perform.

Remove iOS 5 and ICS from the chart and then see what it says.

It says to me that if the data are normalized properly as claimed, then iOS still has a problem, in that the popular memes and Apple mantras (see my earlier post) are not accurate.

No one here has made fanboy statements, but there does appear to be merit to the study if the claims of sampling and normalization are true - and common sense of the disbelief in a perfect OS certainly allows a bias to trust the study further.

As for comments in the blogosphere, don't get me started. I moderate Phandroid, and even with their relaxed standards, you would not believe the level of embarrassing Android fanboy statements I had to remove.

Anyway, I always encourage swimming upstream to the tech blog sources. The tech blogs form a starting point for news, but I don't think that it's right to use number of sources or comments to vote on reality.

Things are what they are, no more and no less.
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