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I paid 10-cents for the thing. It is well worth its full purchase price. I don't think you guys are greedy or charging too much. Even at US$9 for the whole game, it would be worth it in my opinion from what I have seen from the first campaign. Sentinel 3 is really very very good. It ended my love affair with RoboDefense.

I just do not like where this is going. It is something I hope does not become the standard in the market.

Look at what you have now. You have a paid app, but after buying it you actually just made a partial payment and get part of the app. You have to pay more later, and the amounts are not all the clear when you bought the app.

It changes rules that we are familiar with:

- Paid apps are paid apps.

- Free apps moslty have have ads, in-app purchases or the like. Ultimately a Freemium app will cost you more than a paid app.

Part of the fault is in the lay-out of the markets. In the App Store you see a purchase price and the list of top In-App purchases. In the Android Market, what might happen is someone buys it, have the 15-minute refund window expire and only than does he realizes the entire app costs more than he expected.

Maybe put a list of the cost of the in-app purchases in your description, like the App Store has?

Another option would have been to have the Original Sentinel 3 sold with Sentinel 3 Gold (your +DLC version).

Another issue. I am one of those willing to pay for a app just to avoid adds. You kind of placed adds in my add-free Sentinel 3 game.

Last on the extra data download. If you offered a separate the add-on I could have passed or bought it. Now if I don't want it, the market will keep reminding me of and available update. Basically, it eats up 27MB of space which I may not want just to avoid update notifications.

I got X-Plane, which I knew from the start had paid adds on's which would cost an arm and a leg (about US$60 total if I remember)... but I knew that going in. I just feel like in the case of S3, the rules changed mid-stream.

I really do appreciate the time.
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