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Default Firefox overlapping fonts issue

Hey all,

First off, I did a search and it turned up nothing. Here is what happened. I was using the ROM Toolbox to change the fonts on the device because it offered a large variety of fonts. After downloading all the previews I went ahead and changed the fonts to the one I picked. Now, doing this required a reboot per the app, so I accepted and allowed the ROM Toolbox to reboot the phone.

Upon the reboot completing, everything acted very strange. I had no service, I could not access the menus, and actually I could not do anything. So after 5 minutes of trying to do something, anything I realized that a battery pull was needed. So I did that and as soon as the subsequent reboot was complete, everything worked just as it was supposed to. So I let out a sigh.

At this point, everything seemed to be ok. Then I went into Firefox because I wanted to check something out on the web, and as soon as I did the fonts in Firefox were all overlapping. It seemed the default fonts were overlapped with the new font that I just switched to. So I went back into the ROM toolbox and attempted to revert back to the default font and no luck. Nothing changed in Firefox even though it changed the fonts everywhere else back to normal. No matter what I did or where I changed the fonts the Firefox fonts were messed up and would not adjust or correct itself.

I even attempted to uninstall Firefox, redownload and install it but that had no effect either. The fonts remained screwed!

So does anyone have any ideas how I can rectify this problem or what may have caused the issue?

I also have another question. When using an app such as ROM Toolbox or anything else to adjust say the fonts, what app takes ownership? What I mean is there are like 3 or 4 places where the fonts can be changed since I added that App and who knows what other apps allow font changes. So when that is the case, which app takes priority over the rest and has the final say on what font is used? Is there a certain app hierarchy that is utilized by Android for these situations? Not just for fonts, but for ANY changes that are made... there has to be...

Thanks again guys!
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