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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post

Per the manual, the battery is non removable and requires an official service center to replace if faulty (like the Razr).
Thanks for the response, but I was hoping something more creative. I wan't asking about the specs of the phone -- that's obviously easy to find and I understand that Motorola doesn't intend for Droid 4 owners to replace the battery.

But, that's even more true with the Razr, with a completely "sealed" back panel. But, within a week or so of the Maxx being introduced, someone had already posted a video on Youtube showing how he removed the back and battery of a standard Razr, inserted a Maxx battery, and snapped on the Maxx's back panel. He showed how it was not a perfect fit (with some gaps between the Max back and the volume rocker, but the modified unit otherwise worked just fine.

I imagine given the hoopla about the great battery life of the Maxx, there will definitely be third-party providers of extended batteries and backs for regular Razr owners that will become available over time.

So, I was wondering if it's likely that the same type of thing might happen with the Droid 4. It's a different proposition, perhaps, because the unit is already so much fatter than the Razr, so adding a bigger battery might make it too portly. Which means those third-party manufacturers may not think there's enough of a market for it.

Anyway, that's what I was getting at with my original post. Has this line of phones experienced support of this kind from other suppliers? Do you think it's likely that people would buy a bigger battery even it is make the battery thicker?

I'm new to Android, so I'm just trying to get a better sense of this kind of third party support. I noticed that there are definitely non-OEM extended batteries on the market (with appropriate new back panels to match), so is it likely that these vendors would do something similar for a phone that technically does not have a removable battery?

Sorry for the long-winded explanation/elaboration of my query.


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