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Cool Can the battery be removed

No the battery is not designed to be removed - it is hard wired.

This brings up another point, actually several. The 'reset' button is not really a hard reset all it does is restart the unit it does not reinitialize the unit as implied. Other steps are required for that.

Also given that the reset is not really a hard reset unless the other steps are taken, not outlined here, this brings up the possibility that there is no user initiated recovery for this device. That is to say no combination of button or switch depression for however long will initiate a reboot.

You can do a firmware upgrade (available from Enspert) but that requires that the unit is already fully operable. Please if anyone has additional information jump in because alot of these are selling through Walmart, wintec et al and there is precious little support for a hard fail. No support really.

My advice with this tablet is always power it down BEFORE connecting to any power supply, either USB or the charger.

Its archilles heel is that any slight voltage fluctuation will make the internal hard drive undetectable. This will not be obvious to the user since the active image in RAM will have all the running applications. The only way to see this state is to go to settings, tap the internal storage (SD) selection and look at the available internal storage. It comes with 8GB and it will show 0 used and 0 available. That is a big problem. And on restart, if enough time has elapsed not on a charger, will result in a frozen splash screen: the android boy, because it can't reboot from the internal SSD.
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