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Default Enspert Identity Tablet FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED

Hi all:
A tablet that will brick in a split second.
I am compelled to write this because of my experience with two of these Enpert (WIntec) E201u Filemate Identity Tab(lets). I bought mine in October of 2011 and paid 180 apiece through Walmart. That was my first mistake - I should have waited until NOv 1 when walmart institutes their more liberal holiday return policy on otherwise 15 day returnable items.

As it was I came under the tender mercies of Wintec. An odd firm that seems to have no switchboard, owned by the Jeng family Sue and David ,and markets this tablet as if they made it , which they don't. As they have no effective technical support this abysmal state is only confounded.

The company is unreachable, only the tech support has any real person coverage at all and that is only one individual who will remain unnamed. He is bound by an egregious policy that essentially throws the customer under the bus. You can return your brick, but only if you pay for it and then they have all sorts of caveats to allow them to return the item to you - either its not packaged right or they didn't get it or you didn't pack every scintilla of packing, any excuse will be reused to reject the warranty claim - and this is after you have gone through your RMA procedure.

I already wrote a scathing review of this device on Amazon and tried to write it on Walmart to discourage sales of this device because it has no recovery mode whatsoever. If it does no one knows about it. Since Wintec's only recourse is to make the customer pay more to return it, when it will fail at the drop of a hat, and then all you get is another one where exactly the same thing can happen again.

Now you would think that this would be a red light for Wintec, a red light for Walmart and anyone else , maybe Enspert??, but no I am afraid not.

So this is to warn all those holding this device - if you can return it , return it quickly and don't look back GET SOMETHING ELSE.

Until and unless WINTEC, ENSPERT and whomever else steps up and addresses the stability issues in this device - it should be removed from the market and all that are out their now need to be recalled.

REPEAT- there is no recovery mode for this device and no way to ensure the internal drive will not be made inoperable.

My loss of $400 is nothing compared to the millions in losses that will be had by others. And if I am wrong then please publish the recovery process. If any step if that process requires a return of the device to anyone then IMO that is NOT a recovery process.
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