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and im telling you its not possible. the technical specifications for "3g" cdma technology

"To combat reverse link congestion and noise rise, the protocol calls for each mobile to be given an interference allowance which is replenished by the network when the reverse link conditions allow it.[8] The reverse link has a maximum rate of 1.8 Mbit/s, but under normal conditions users experience a rate of approximately 500-1000kbit/s but with more latency than cable and dsl."

thats with evdo rev a. using various speed tweaks you could in theory bump past that "barrier" by cacheing and using speed boost technologies but i assure you you cannot go faster than 2.5Mbps. try doing those speedtests on teh app where it cleans out the cache on every test.

i live about 2 blocks from a sprint tower and get -65 to -76 signal and i average about 1.1-1.3Mbps on 3g speeds, (4g i run around 4.7-5.6Mbps)
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