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Originally Posted by nimoxp View Post
Oh, ok, I got you now. When I turn off that back ground data that your talking about it does let me use the internet. Guess since you never leave yours on, you haven't seen what we have. Every once in awhile with the BGD on it turns white and there is no internet connection. I think that it's just when we are in a bad signal situation, or something to that affect..
I know what you're talking about, but it still _should_ work as long as you have enough signal to show the 3G icon. Next time it won't let you connect, try this: pull down the notification bar and turn off the data toggle for a second, them turn it back on and see if it works. I've had that happen a couple of times, where it said I had a signal and when I tried to connect I would just get an error message and the arrows didn't do anything. A quick data toggle always fixed it right away.
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