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Originally Posted by Boffy1 View Post
Well, I made the plunge. Since the Photon was only $50 upgrade, I decided to try it out. After I got a chance to play with it, I noticed there was an update available. The documentation said the update was providing a lapdock compatibility update.

I have ordered a lapdock 500 pro, should be here early next week. I'll let you know if the phone update resolved any of the compatibility issues that have been discussed here.

Incidentally, I love the phone. It's a bit different than the Evo - not bad, just different. So far I haven't noticed a significant difference in battery life from my Evo. I did go ahead and order an extra battery and battery charger. From what I had been reading, I expected better battery life than the Evo.

One huge difference from the Evo is speed. Web browser refreshes are WAY faster! another thing is power-off/on is much faster. Ever since the Gingerbread update on my Evo, it would take a good 3 - 4 minutes to restart if I shut it off to change the battery or something. Photon is up and running in about 1 minute.

Well, anyway, enough about the phone, that doesn't belong in this thread...

I haven't been able to jump on here much in the past few days, been pretty busy. When I get my lapdock I'll give a full compatibility report ASAP.
From one former EVO owner to another, once you get familiar with the differences between Moto and HTC, you won't even miss the EVO at all!

One thing to check out is the stock battery saving settings. Use those appropriately and you'll definitely notice the difference in battery life!

Oh and if you purchased through Best Buy, be sure to get that $50 gift card promotion that's going on right now!
Love the G-Note series!
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