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Originally Posted by closer86 View Post
I am in the same boat as yugostud1 but when I go into my verizon account and go to turn on the PTT it says I have to pay $5 a month for it. As if the added bloatware wasn't enough now I have this crap PTT app sucking battery and memory and my side button.
Yes, it will say it's $5, because it is...

After you apply it, look at your discounts. It will say 100% off Push To Talk. When you initialize the PTT app, it appears the app will continue to try and authorize with the account. Poor design? Probably. Once it sees that its authorized you will then be able to turn it off and switch your tactile key back to something you want. I experimented with this by turning off the PTT, then going to settings>personalization>tactile key. I was able to switch the tactile key to whatever and it worked as it should. As soon as I turned the PTT back on, the tactile key went back to being the PTT button.

What it boils down to is if you don't want the PTT, don't open the app. Too late for you, I know, but maybe others will see this thread and be warned. Perhaps it is a way to artificially inflate the number of PTT subscribers. As a PTT user I am impressed with the UI. It is the best by far version of VZW PTT so far. The service is what it is - like it or hate it it's better than Sprint's Qchat but will probably never be as good as Nextel's iDEN.
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