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Originally Posted by Slug View Post
Nothing new there, then.

There are clients for both CPU and GPU use, but modern GPUs have far greater processing power for this sort of thing.

Even running a dedicated client for each core at 100% load won't get the i7 anywhere near a mid-range GPU's performance, let alone a monster like the 6950. Two of the Windows clients, one for each card, would be awesome.

I run my 5850 constantly and only pause the client if I'm gaming. Otherwise it just churns away in the background unnoticed and has no effect on day-to-day performance. In contrast, running a CPU client on all four cores of my Phenom slowed everything down yet returned a fraction of the work units per day.

Slug I am of simple nature of that you are aware

I just want to understand this properly so I can utilize my wasted energy somewhere more positive. I've noticed this thread has been dormant a couple of months but ill get right on it tonight when im home. Get them numbers up.
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