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Hi all,

Just happened to see the Le Pan for $198 on WalMart's website and Google led me here. I had never heard of this thing before but the online reviews at Amazon and places are just nuts how good they are.

I read through a lot of this thread but damn, it's really long.

Anyway, now that it's 6 months later, what does everyone think. We're looking for a tablet for my wife's father since he has an ancient laptop that is really slow.

Is the original tablet a good buy at $198? Did anyone ever find a way to root it or upgrade it or anything like that? He'd probably be fine with Froyo on it but if there's a chance to get Honeycomb, that'd be nicer.

Any other quirks that have come up at all? I'm fine buying it from Walmart since returning it would be really easy but just wanted to see if there's anything else in the $200 range that might compete. I dont' want a little 7" tab and since this one is almost 10", that's a big selling feature.

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