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Originally Posted by Boffy1 View Post
Incidentally, I love the phone. It's a bit different than the Evo - not bad, just different.
Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
From one former EVO owner to another, once you get familiar with the differences between Moto and HTC, you won't even miss the EVO at all!
Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
This is true, I really do not miss my EVO at all.
Since we are talking Evo's; I'm still in Evo 3D Land (Hi Drex and TS), but watch the market from afar and lurk around. I don't want to compare and contrast phones or companies, but just want to say that over time I have found myself extremely jealous of the Lapdock compatible devices. Even more so now that a Sprint device works with the Lapdock it hits even closer to home. I'm not even sure how much I would use it, But I find myself really wanting one just because I can't have one currently. You guys are fortunate with the Lapdock compatibility even if it is sometimes not working 100%. (Edit: Google Purchasing Motorola could be another benefit down the road.)

I'd love to replace my ancient desktop and have 1 high quality all in one device. Phone, Laptop/Dock, and Tablet dock. So far it seems most 'Transforming' devices have dual use (Padfone, Transformer), I'm looking for the triple threat though from a big name producer.
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