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This is how i have seen it work like, the Dem's increase taxes on big business, and republicans want as little tax as possible. So to ensure big business is netting the same amount of profit they cut jobs so the analyst are like oh hey they are a stable company earning about they same amount a year, but really they are just compensating for taxes by firing people. Financial analysts are really a lot to blame for the current economic situation as well as a presidency that doesn't know jack shit about the Stock market and how to properly regulate them, like ghost shares are the easiest way to Fk a companies stock this is a big problem.

but when it comes down to it Obama did inherit a war debt so its not fair calling it all his fault, Bushes administration also helped in deregulating the financial system. my conclusion is it was a joint effort between the guy that got elected 2 times and someone who has no clue wtf they are doing.
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