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Thanks for all the great advice in this thread. It worked for me, but since then things have headed south and I was hoping for some advice. (My general problem is described in this thread, but I was advised to seek help on a specific issue here.)

I rooted my phone as described in this thread, but that was primarily to back it up so I could do a factory reset and start over. For reasons unknown, the reset has caused all kinds of issues, the most important of which is that, even after factory resets, Titanium Backup remains installed and my Google account remains as well. But anything I do while booted (uninstalling TB, installing other apps, and allowing USB debugging) gets reversed on reboot. So I have been advised (and agree) that I should try to get root back to try to solve things.

But I can't get the phone rooted again! Whenever I try (using Unrevoked 3.22 and the custom ROM as instructed), Unrevoked is able to access the phone, but when it reboots, Unrevoked just says "Waiting for reboot." I think this is because USB Debugging has turned itself off on the reboot, so the program can't communicate with the phone anymore. So I turn debugging back on, and Unrevoked says "Waiting for system to settle..." and hangs there indefinitely.

Any ideas why this is happening or what I can do to fix it?
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