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The port on the Amaze is actually called an ExtMicro USB (or "Ext Micro/USB" on the protective cover your Amaze came with), it is a 12-pin variant that is backwards compatible with 5-pin Micro-USB.

In my tests, a generic 5-pin MHL-HDMI Micri-USB adapter worked ... temporarily. If the phone screen went to sleep, I had a hard time reviving the external monitor/TV. I also found that unplugging the generic adapter sometimes didn't "turn off" the HDMI Connection alert on the phone. Also, the conventional Micro-USB plug is not as long or plug in as deep as the HTC variant ... which could result in a loose connection.

The correct adapter for your wife's Amaze is the HTC AC-M500, a 12-pin adapter with the ExtMicro USB plug, and a matching port for charging. Using one of these, I get flawless HDMI out (and a bonus of stereo audio out via a 3.5mm port), and the TV wakes up after the phone has gone to sleep. I've got pictures of the connector on Amazon's product image gallery, and detailed pics of this new HTC "Micro-USB variant" on WikiPedia/WikiMedia. (See the article on USB, click the image, go to the WikiCommons description page, and click my username ... then "User Contributions.")

There's thread about the RCA composite video adapter here, and are a few threads on the XDA-Developer forums about what the extra 7 pins are for. And also discussion (and some confusion with people making vague assumptions) of the cables and adapters.

Hope I've cleared the air up a bit more....
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