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Originally Posted by kz5bw5 View Post
Mucho Gracia. Where can I send the check to? May I kiss your ring? Fought with this and fought with it - something so bloody simple as a USB connection should work straight out of the box. Thanks again, checks in the mail. You ought to charge Verizon and Casio - big Money...
It is hard to believe that they only allow access to Virtual drive when in mass Storage mode for like 10 seconds. then the other mount goes into effect.

the way I see it is that this was Verizon' attempt to give us a teaser.
felt like the game "Catch me if you can".

all I can say is weird..

it is also a shame to say that the only real ad blocker is the one where we have to root our phones.
To me my phone should be bombarded with ads that use the data as they wish. This isn't cool cause if those ads and programs activate , that can add up fast. Not Cool. and the more that I think about this, the more I am inclined that Verizon nor any other cell company wishes to stop these..

I feel it to e unfair to the consumers that our devices have become "Bots" be it the tablet of cell Phones, there was a time when such acts were not legal, so I though. or you could simply remove the adds form the offending software.

In truth I feel like were invaded and not to have a choice when not rooted on what app access what, that is not cool. I understand time based trials, I can understand ads on line, But for crying out loud.Gives us a break.

I am seriously considering that app that requires the ads to end and cease once and for all..

oh and I hope once paying for an item stops the ads if not then there needs to be serious discussion in the telecommunications community with regards to this.

Other then that, I find that the commando meets a lot of my needs, here n the Pacific NW we get lots of wet and I do mean wet weather, we have a lot of creeks and such.. it is nice to know that I can just get on the phone with out having to dive for cover cause the thing is designed to get wet.

It is nice to be able to film out doors in a storm and get a decent shot, 5 megapixels is a lot better then some of the 3 megs.

How it encodes its video and such is nice to.

I see that Verizon has an entire line of the rugged devices.
and free was a good price..My fiance found one sight that had the unit for free, Verizon upgrade was free, and it didn't last for long. I noticed that they have deals one day and 2-3 days later they are gone.

I chose to purchase the additional insurance as well should I do wind up losing the thing or dropping or something...

at any rate thanks for the drivers..I am head into the forums and looks deeper here..this is proving to be an interesting site. with some valuable information.
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