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how many millions of abortions are performed? you truly believe none of them are because they wanted a boy instead of a girl or vise versa? or for that matter for any other reason they are performed...... yet we believe (at least a strong percentage) that abortion is acceptable...... so morally thats fine by our standards.

what has happened in this story is a society that strongly values male babies vs females for various reasons........ and morally in their society its acceptable to treat women and children (born or unborn) much differently than in our society..... in their culture women and female children are to be ashamed of and treated like animals

it is not our place to dictate what they believe or how they behave as a culture....... no more than you want them telling you to believe or behave a certain way

and do not forget that it wasnt many years ago...... just a few short decades that it was still perfectly morally acceptable to treat women/children/different races far differently in the US than is morally acceptable today
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