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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
Since I've had no problem with my current System version (4.5.596) I have been postponing the 4.5.602 for some time (like 6 months). I read comments/reviews here and in DX where many people commented on the update not being successful, or worth doing for the update (radio update?) or having trouble with their DX not functioning after this update.

I currently have System version 4.5.596.MB810.Verizon.en.US. Will I be required to upgrade to 4.5.602, that I've been avoiding, to be able to get the recently announced .621 update. Is the .621 even worth doing or is it too soon for anyone to really know that .621 update will provide repairs/patches worth taking up 15MB (but I've also seen this .621 update is 113MB).

It might go through to .621 but it might not...jumping from .596 to .621 could cause way to tell...

You're already 2 updates behind...if it has not promted you to to update to .605 then my guess is you wont even be notified of the .621 update until you allow the .602 update to install
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