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Got mine Friday and so far, I like it. Some comments, in no particular order:

Display: It does get ugly when scrolling and is a bit dull compared than the one on the Droid Eris it replaced, but it's quite serviceable. The display ghosting may be correctable in software, so we'll see what happens with that after the upgrade to Ice Cream Sammich later this year.

Keyboard: The keyboard is the best hard keyboard I've ever tried, bar none.

Users of ConnectBot take note: The extra symbols that the Droid 3's keyboard have been removed. This which makes it impossible to type several useful special characters (tilde, backslash, brackets, braces, etc.). Martin Matuška's VX ConnectBot solves the problem (press SYM) and recognizes the Tab key. The OK key functions nicely as the Control key in both versions, and neither handles Caps Lock.

Storage: Motorola mounts some of the internal storage on /sdcard and the SD card on /sdcard-ext. This is a nonstandard arrangement, and the API tells applications that "external storage" is the internal storage. This means most applications (notably the Cubed music player, which is where I noticed it) can't deal with having things on the SD card. (For developers, Motorola has a specail API for dealing with it.)

Battery: I pulled it off the charger about 6:30 yesterday morning and with very heavy use didn't have to plug it in until about 12 hours later. This is only the second charge cycle, and depending on the battery chemistry, this may improve. With my more typical usage pattern, two days may not be out of the question.

Software: The OS seems good and is a big step up from the 2.1 I had. Performance of everything is good. Blur is dreadful. Replaced it with GO and couldn't be happier.

Mobile Stuff: Call quality is good, and that's saying something because the service where I am is spotty. I got about 20 Mb/s down and 23 Mb/s up on LTE. (And for someone who started doing networking when it was 10Base5 on coax with vampire taps, I'll put that down as pretty impressive.)

I'm looking forward to the next two years with it.

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