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Originally Posted by DaniSP View Post
Dear The Solutor
I'm following this thread, like many other, I'm interested on the U960. Since you seem to have experience with different U960 ROMs, I hope you don't mind answering my questions:
- Does any of those ROMs provides multi-language support? Like seen at etotalk, by the way they sell it for US$99,99
I don't know what they intend with multilingual, they sent me what they call 1.2 rom and is just a rom cleaned from Chinese apps ADW launcher preinstalled (which is more than enough for most users), I doubt they have a fully multilingual ROM available, but I could be wrong.

- Are they stable enough?
The ROMs are stable, with few minor glitches (B08, B10 and B12 have the TTS menu missing and not working for example) but this is true for any recently released phone, no matter if a cheap chinese clone or an iphone or a good brand phone.

- Which ROM you can say is the best one?
Right now I'm using a my own ROM, based on B13.

Your answer would help me to evaluate if I'd rather buy from etotalk (I asume that I will get support and multilanguage Rom), or buying from a taobao agent (about $120 cheaper but no support and chinese ROM)
I bought the phone in Italy because another user sold it (he was not too skilled with android things, so he was unable to root the phone and to install the market), the support from etotalk is average to say the best, they always start with a bunch of questions unrelated with the problem you have, with just one or two mail per day, so a lot of patience is needed if you have a problem bigger than normal.

In my case they started to seriously cooperate only when they realized I'm a well known user, and only when realized that fix that issue is more important for them than for me, frankly if you are reasonably skilled, the price delta is big enough, and you have a trusted taobao agent, is better to go with the latter.
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