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Originally Posted by Trident View Post
I'm only a Phone Guide, however really what the premium membership is for is to show your support for the site. The membership charge is like a donation which goes towards the many costs to run the site like hosting and what not. The money isn't used to pay the Mods for their service or anything like that. Up until now, Rob has had to pay for the site out of his own pocket. Now, we can take some of the weight off his sholders. The features unlocked by becoming a premium member are to give you something in return for your much appreciated help.

For those who have donated or become a Premium Member, thanks for you support!

See this, to me, is an unacceptable answer. I dont donate to for-profit businesses no matter how much I like them. And, as you can guess by my post count, I do like AF, quite a lot. But sadly I wont be buying a premium account here as the silence on the questions raised about the business versus non-profit is too indicative of some unpleasant things.

The whole trend of misusing the word "donate" when in fact your are selling a service is a bad one. If donating gets you a service in return it's not donating.

Sadly, I would have gladly paid for a service, or gladly simply given a donation, but the lack of a response as to what this actually is, leads me to think this was an intentional misrepresentation. I would have gladly bought one or the other as long as it was billed as one or the other and not "a little of both but we're not telling you really how much of each". That, coupled with the removal of titles for only for premium members and farking with the signatures has left me wondering what is going on around here.

Anyways, I hope you guys get your house in order. I don't begrudge you trying to monetize what you have created here, and I do really enjoy these forums. But the most special thing about this place is it's warm and friendly community. And to see these ambiguous statements about donating, and the questions regarding clarification of such going unanswered, makes me think you guys have a rather curious (lack of) respect for the membership.
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