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Originally Posted by Crude View Post
Funny how political topics pull in the lurkers. I'm not saying anything, I'm trying to get people to think. It stands to reason that Americans can't be as dumb as they have been acting. So by getting them to think I feel that logic and reasoning will once again take root and solve some of the issues we are facing these days. It's a graph...that's all. btw I'm not republican.
Ha... Religion will do that too! And never underestimate the depth of human stupidity. I think that most, or rather the vast majority of people often do not use logic or reason, and they never have. So that's not going to help.

We're dumb animals and most people still "think" with their superstitions and biases instead of their heads. A thought for them is "Yeah, what he said"; they never have an original thought at all. I don't know who said it first, but they're like "sheeple."

Anyway, I was assuming you posted it to start a debate, I was just trying to bring out that the graph showed nothing... or it showed anything, really. You can lie anyway you want with statistics, and we all do it.

I assume you want us to think about what influences unemployment. I'd say fear. Fear in that employers react with a knee jerk "Yikes!" reaction and the first thing to go in belt-tightening ins people. Which makes sense as they are the largest cost in overhead for a company.

And short sightedness in that they only look at how to save a buck tomorrow by dumping people, and not how to streamline and increase efficiency with the resources (I hate calling people resources) they have. Though we all know people we'd jettison the moment the bottom-line drops. And maybe they should be jettisoned. What does not help you can hurt you, and people not pulling their weight or people not willing to learn or change their ways for the better perhaps should be allowed to seek employment elsewhere......

And despair or ennui. Person X can't find a job after 8 months so they stop looking, after all the government will pay them. Perhaps instead of extending unemployment benefits we should have removed some of them to "stimulate" people to find jobs. But would they?

I've never owned a company nor been a manager that had to cut budget, but I do think that people can do more when asked to, especially when they have to help their company so that they keep their jobs. I said CAN not WILL.
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