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Hmm sounds logical about the sd card. Before dumping the card take a backup of all folders on the card & then format it in the phone itself then copy the folders back & see if it helps, if not using a higher class card could be the next step. I use the card which came with the box (2GB) its a 'class 4' card but i did not format it when I bought it.

Class Rating 2. Transfer speed is a minimum of 2MB/sec.
Class Rating 4. Transfer speed is a minimum of 4MB/sec.
Class Rating 6. Transfer speed is a minimum of 6MB/sec.
Class Rating 10. Transfer speed is a minimum of 10MB/sec.

Which class of SD card is supported? post # 3

BTW I am on ver 2.3.4 & I use the default s/w in the phone to assign the ringtones, never used an app for doing that.
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