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Originally Posted by birdmanslopy View Post
what are you using to edit this file? ive opened it but cant edit it
I use ES root exployer.
First and formost always, ALWAYS make a copy of the original file and save it some where safe on your sd.
You'll have to change the editors setting to R/W (read and write);
Then change the file properties/permissions to edit the file; (Write them Down)
Edit the file and save your changes;
Then reset the properties back the way they were before you did your file editing;
Make sure you set the editor back to R/O (read only);
Then back out till program closes.
Restore boot; Clear cashe and Reboot

its probley easier to switch with some build.prop files found on this forum that has been already edited. i personally like admirial beast setup and zepplinrocks turbo build.prop and mystery emotions files are some of the best improvements. all these people are helping us make our admire phones better and these good people have done the work for us. Thanks Guys,
look through their files and comments and posts. You can start there, most of them take the time to explain what they are doing and their resources in there posts and comments. don't just dump the files or do edits blindly. Do your home work and read the other posts and you'll learn alot about your phone.

kudos shabby p/ and too many others to list.....

viperdink out!
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