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Originally Posted by nickrussel View Post
ditto for me, I agree with Mike. I'll be much happier when we finally root this sucker. Metro+Samsung... I gotta give 'em that... they've done hell of a job to prevent us from taking over the phone. My preliminary research left me unaware of the difficulties rooting Samsung Galaxy series and the whole NAND lock thing. Stores around where I live had very few units the first few days (not sure it's any different these days, either - not a lot of metro subscribers are ready to shell out $400 plus tax plus, plus...)
we have rooted the phone just check the all in one root subform
and the phone is only 200$ :P

Originally Posted by Silvist View Post
Again to save your battery when not using the web check out my post about how to temp disable the LTE.

yeah, because the battery life sucks, and u wont have to worry about it when ur LTE radio breaks and shows LTE: Unknown.

getting my 3rd indulge monday, i would of never wasted my money if i knew this was ur typical plastic phone with nothing to offer more than weird problems u cant fix, metro cant fix and samsung cant fix
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