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Originally Posted by howdoyouknow View Post
the messages app preinstalled on the phone doesn't support those emoji characters.
I realize I'm getting old when I have to use google to understand a word like emoji

is there any sms app that supports a dual sim function that works properly?
I can't help here I use the SMS rarely so I'm not the right person to reply to that question
Another issue is with the contacts app. when impoting contacts from simcard to phone it doesn't save them to the phone but merely lets you see the contacts on the simcard in the contacts app
My contacts were already stored on gmail so were automagically imported on the first use.

Are you sure the contacts aren't imported, maybe they are just grouped under a "imported" group.

Also the app doesn't fully understand the international dialling codes
I noticed this a couple of time, I have still to understand when it happen, and if happen only on one of the two sims.

What I noticed is that when happen the + sign is missing, so the contact app is nitpicker, bt is the phone itself that "eat" a part of the number.
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