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I'm on my third Samsung Galaxy Indulge from MetroPCS just since October. The last one ... which I got a little over a week ago ... wouldn't recognize any network above 1x. After a couple of hours at MetroPCS, they replaced the phone yesterday.

This one was working splendidly all yesterday evening and through most of today....EXCEPT...I kept getting those very short vibrations constantly. It seemed to be happening more when I arrived at my home as opposed to being out and about. I went through some of the services that were running and turned off some of them by tapping the screen. Eventually, one of those...which I can't remember...actually stopped the vibrations from happening.

But, through today the battery was draining very fast!

I put the phone on my car charger while out, and turned off the phone.

Now, it's just like the description in the original poster's description. It will show the Samsung web address, the MetroPCS animated logo, followed by the Samsung logo ... along with the returning of those quick vibrations...
and the screen goes blank with the back lighting still on.

The only way I can turn off the phone is to pull the battery.

I've tried every which way to Sunday to get it to boot and it will not boot.

Now, someone please explain what "rooted" means. I'm new to Android.

EDIT: Good news!! I was able to get the phone to boot using the Manual Reset by reverting to Factory Settings and clearing the Cache.
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