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AFRPFG (Android Fantasy Role Playing Forum Game)

This game is a forum based RPG. The rules were made by several forum gamers here on AF: karandpr, agentc13, marc12868, Metroid prime, and myself

The full rules if you wish to see them (other than in this and the next few posts) are being kept here

The rules are still being written and I will try to keep the rules posts as well as the google doc updated as well. If we find something doesn't work then we will change it to something that should work better.

Now onto more fun stuff

Terms to know:
Game Master(GM)-The person in charge of moving the story along and presenting the world and various non player characters in the world
Non Player Character (NPC)-Any character controlled by the GM
Player Character-Any character controlled by a player, this character can not be controlled by the GM under most conditions

Note on forum based play

This game will be slow moving it is the nature of the beast. After the GM posts the scenario the players have up to 12 hours to declare their actions, maybe more. If a player fails to post within a 12 hour period they will go into a state of limbo. If a battle is going on and an enemy is focused on the missing character the character will remain in the game but make no action. If there is no battle or no enemy is focused on the missing character the character will “log off” regardless of the outcome the player will gain no benefit from being absent.

If a player knows they will be absent please contact the GM to make them aware so they can remove your character from the game ASAP until your return or look out for your character so nothing bad happens. If you notify the GM of your absence beforehand your character will fare better than if you just disappear.

Also when posting please stay in character, if you need to tell the GM something or discuss with another player out of character please use hide tags. Posts should not be edited after they are submitted except under special circumstances that must be reviewed by the GM.

If an action is unclear by a character the GM will either post @the player’s username followed by hide tags and PM the player a link to the post. The player is then expected to respond to clarify or the unclear action will be completed under the GM’s discression.

If a new player wants to join the game in progress please make a character and post the character in hide tags within the game.

Final note, any and all off topic posts will be reported requesting a deletion of the post. If you have things to say off topic feel free to join the forum game lounge located in the lounge section.


This is a forum based game, so random rolls will be determined by unique post ID take the last # in the unique post ID. The post ID being the "roll" where you take the last #+1 as your roll using base 10. But I would like to include epic successes and epic fails, I want them to be a 1% chance not a 10% chance. So if you roll a 1 it is an auto fail. If you roll a 10 it is an auto success but if you roll a 1 and your post ID ends in 00 it is an epic fail, if you roll a 10 and your post ID ends in 99 it is an epic success. I will give examples

While trying to shoot someone you roll a: 1 it is an auto fail you miss; you roll a 10 it is an auto success you hit; you roll a epic fail not only do you miss but you hit a ally or your gun backfires and you have to spend time to fix it; you roll an epic success you hit and kill/maim the enemy or your bullet kills the enemy and exits their body then hits another enemy and causes damage.

While trying to hack pick an electronic lock you roll a: 1 auto fail you can't pick it; 10 auto success you pick the lock; epic fail not only can you not pick it but you set off an alarm and you better get ready for battle; epic success you not only pick the lock but you hacked into the main system and are able to either pick all the locks in the facility or find the blueprints of the facility.

Of course the outcome of the epic fail/epic success would be decided by the GM


Welcome to the future. Currently the world is populated by 2 seperate races Human and Android. Humans are much like you are familiar with. Android are sentient machines that are able to use what you may call arcane magic. Some humans have been able to harness the ability to use magic either from the gift of an admin (divine magic) or through the study of science (alchemy). It is these scientist that created the Android race in the first place.

Many Androids and humans live side by side and have no qualms however there are extremist on both sides. Some humans feel that Androids are nothing more than machines created by humans to serve humans. While some Androids feel they are the next step in evolution.

You have knowledge of the world we live in. There are many countries within the world of Android Fantasy:
Communita, Discussonia, Phon, Tablem, Archiven, Otros, Devland, Omes, Carido, and Inforum.

Each country is divided up into states for example Communita has the following states:
Introd, Vipa, Lounge, Classif, and Teafor. There is also a everchanging landscape that is uninhabitable called Unat.

Within each state you may find different towns for example within the state of Lounge the following towns exist:
Compit, Forgam, Gamin, Google, Litaur, Musi, Policaf, Spor, and Telanifila

The countries of Archiven and Otros are both ruled by the mysterious "Apple Corp" not much is known about the Apple Corp other than we know at one point they were trying to manufacturer their own version of Androids called iBots and they claim to have invented the first modern personal transportation device called "iPods" which closely resemble hovercraft made by many other companies. Due to Apple Corp's iron curtain policy little is known about what is happening in either Archiven or Otros since they have taken power. There are humans who are still in favor of Apple Corp throughout the world, in general these people are call "Jobsist"
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