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Strength is physical strength it would affect how hard you punch, or if you can knock down a door with brute force.
Agility affects your ability to dodge attacks as well as ranged attacks
Body is health of your character and any natural armor
Charisma is your personal effect on others, it would affect trying to charm other
Intelligence is book smarts and basis for arcane magic
Willpower is the basis for divine magic as well as your ability to resist temptation

Character Creation

You start by choosing your race. Next you must determine if you want a character that has the ability to use magic or not this decision can not be changed at any point later. If you are Android you must be magical.

Human base attributes are:

Android base stats are:

Now to explain the point system. You begin with 18 additional attribute points you can distribute however you wish. Every attribute must have at least 1 point. An average attribute is considered a 4. You may not have any attribute above 6 at the time of creation. If you are a non-magic user your intelligence and willpower may not be above 4. If you are a magic user your related stat must be at least a 5.

Example character
Name: Spammer
Race: Non-magical Human

While Spammer wouldn't be the brightest individual he is tries to influence people over and over, no matter how much you hurt him he always seems to come back. He can be sneaky thanks to his high agility but often when he gets caught he is too dumb to talk his way out of it.

Rewards system

The rewards are called "Post Points" or PP that you can use to raise your attribute stats. PP are given after encounters, end of quests, finding an easy way to deal with a difficult situation, good roleplaying...PP can be spent to raise your stats.

To find out how much it will PP it will cost to raise a stat we can use the following with the current stat # as the variable "x" 3(x+1)


As I said before humans have more health than Androids in general. I think we should have a easy way to determine HP, my thoughts are it will be based on the body stat plus charisma stat, which will be "x" and can be figured out by using the following formula
Android max health=4x
Human max health=5x

If you use PP to raise either stat your max HP will rise as well however available HP does not rise, unless you are at max HP otherwise you would need to sleep or use a healing item to raise the max HP.

While sleeping characters regain 6 HP per hour.

Spammer’s max health is 50 HP

Armor Class (AC)

Armor class is found by adding together your Body and Agility and any armor bonus. Spammer has an agility 5 and a body of 6 so he would have an AC of 11, so when someone is trying to hit him they would need to roll an 11. However if someone was trying to hit him with something like napalm which doesn't have to penetrate his natural armor they would just need to roll a 6. If he is unable to move around (he is sitting down) he would not receive his agility bonus so if someone wanted to shoot him they would just need to roll 5.

There could of course be times when someone would just need to not roll a 1 (Spammer is sleeping) or when the target number would be higher (some calls a shot they want to use an axe to chop off his left arm they may need a 22 but if successful they would chop off his arm and cause higher than normal damage)

Let’s say Spammer also is wearing a leather jacket that provides +2 to his armor now his AC is 13.
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