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Magic is handled as special skills you may gain magic skills related to either intelligence or willpower. You may not have a magic skills in both intelligence and willpower. Magic is a special skill unlike any other in which you can gain it multiple times and it has a limited number of uses per day.

First to give a description of the different types of magic skills

Arcane magic (Intelligence based)
Abjuration - magic that cancels out other magic
Alteration - magic that changes physical characteristics
Charms - magic that affects others mentally
Conjuring (subcategory) - magic that brings forth elements must choose a subcategory from the following:
Evocation - magic that brings forth non-elemental forces
Illusion - magic that creates illusions
Necromacy - magic related to fear and (un)death
Universal - Basic spells

Divine magic (Willpower based)
Divination - magic related to info gathering
Elemental (subcategory) - spells related to elements must choose a subcategory from the following:
Healing - magic related to healing
Luck - allows castor to reroll a failed roll
Nature - magic relating to the natural world
Necromancy - magic related to fear and (un)death
Protection - magic that calls protective forces
Universal - basic spells

You can gain a magical skill like any other when creating your character. If you are taking evocation then it would be documented as “Evocation 1” if you wish you can make it go to “Evocation 2” by spending 2 additional skill points the new level of the magical skill will determine how many skill points would need to be spent to raise the skill. Magic users are able to use a magic skill equal to their related attribute (intelligence or willpower) multiplied by the magic skill. If the character in the example above had an “Evocation 2” skill and a 6 intelligence they would be able to use the skill 12 times daily.

Humans are able to choose to be either arcane or divine spellcasters. In order for a human to use arcane spells they must take the “Magic (universal)” skill before taking any others. The rating of any other magic skill can not exceed the rating of the “Magic (universal)” skill. Humans may use either arcane or divine magic but not both.

Android are naturally arcane they can use divine spells by taking the “Magic (universal)” skill as a willpower based skill. The rules for Androids to use divine magic are the same as humans to use Arcane. Android are able to use both arcane and divine magic.

To use offensive magic you declare how many of your uses per day you are using. If you declare one and hit on the attack roll your damage is between 1 and 10 plus your related skill, if you declare 2 your damage is between 11 and 20 plus your related skill and so on. You can use as many as you wish in any turn. Healing magic is the same way where you declare how many uses you are using and the healing goes up in increments of 10.

Support and noncombat related uses of magic are done the same as a normal skill or attribute check where the GM sets a difficulty and you roll against it.

Any magic user may also take the potion or wand skill where you can create these items at the cost of your charges and you must spend 10 PP on each charge you infuse with the potion or wand.

Potions created for healing are drank and the character who drinks it get the full benefit from all charges put into the potion i.e. a potion of healing 3 would provide 30 HP. Potions must be drank in full to have an effect so they can not be split between party members and you can not drink part of one now and part of it later. Other potions are applied using depending on the spell they are infused with. If you infuse a potion with a Conjuring (fire) spell you would need to throw it at the target and hit for it to have an effect. It would provide the full damage possible for the charges infused.

Wands can only be dispelled 1 charge at a time and their damage/healing is subject to random chance.

So you would roll for damage/healing. Neither potions nor wands are affected by the creators related attribute and the skill succeeds on any roll other than an epic fail.
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