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Device(s): Gnex N7
Carrier: Not Provided

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Currency: Google Credits (abbr. Googs, or GC)

Weapons:Weapons: (format weapon name damage range)
Revolver 3 to 10
Six Shooter 3 to 10
Pistol 3 to 10
Pistol Rail Gun (PRG) 3 to 10
Hunting Rifle 6 to 12
Rifle 6 to 12

Knife 1 to 4 plus strength
Dagger 1 to 5 plus strength
Short Sword 3 to 12 plus strength
Brass knuckles 2 to 4 plus strength
Steel toed boots 2 to 4 plus strength
Yo-Yo 1
Unarmed punching or kicking 1 to 3 plus strength

Armor:Army helmet +1 AC

.Cotton Leather Synthetic leather Reinforced leather Reinforced synthetic leather
Vest/Shirt 0 +1 +2 +3 +4
Trench coat +1 +2 +3 +4 +5



Current Players:
Yeahha - GM
karandpr - T'resezk
agentc13 -Smith
9to5cynic - Cain
AntimonyER - Sparky
Austrie - Shane

Inactive players:
marc12868 - H.T.C.
Metroid prime - Zach
If you wish to join please roll up a character using the rules I have posted and post the character in hide tags. Feel free to use the template for "Spammer" from the rules earlier to do so. If anyone has questions feel free to ask them here please use hide tags per the rules . I plan on waiting a few days before starting the actual game to get word out. Once some characters are made feel free to role play (it's encouraged). Final note, only 1 character per player Let's make this fun!

And the adventure begins...
Danforth's story
The journey to Vipa begins
Danforth's departure
WTF...a catguin?!?!
They call him Mimzy
Arrival in Vipa
Welcome to the Vipa jail
Release from jail
Sparky joins the party
Vipa & iArmy attack Gamin
Arrival in Forgam
iArmy plot revealed
To the Voyagia ruins
Arrival at the ruins
Back in Forgam
Going to Nexia?
To Nexia we go
Nexia blockade!?
T'res sentenced to death?
T'res dies
Release and back on the ship
T'res' corpse
Guess who is back?
Change of Vega!
Going sour?
Epic success?
Bad news the party is on TV
Danforth's farewell
Teleport! And fake our deaths
The Unat
News of the party's death
Arrival at the oasis
Meet Shane
Desert dungeon?
Meet Danforth's daughter's ghost
Back at the oasis
Danforth dies
Shane dies?
Shane's revival...sort of...
Makeover time
Random teleport...Vipa...again?
Vipa's mayor
Sparky's invitation
To the boat
Vipa harbor bombed
The mayor's warning
Danforth's handler and the story so far
Extra all about it...iArmy takin' over
Nexia falls
Arrival at Musi
Meet the new boss...same as the old boss...but named Tarnich
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