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I am a big fan of Sprint, because I think they are the least guilty of trying to get more money out of customers with ridiculous rates for subpar service...AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile could never be OK for me because I use a lot of data. Streaming, downloading, uploading, sharing things with friends, etc.

While I'm in a very small group of users who uses their smartphones like it is a laptop, but 2GB per month to me is not even worth paying for and would make it hard for me to not let my bill skyrocket.

So personally Sprint for me is the phone company I want to succeed and grow, and I really hope this year they continue getting great phones. But instead of having several 4G phones that just show up I hope they will work on a few specific models and have a couple of flagship phones that stand out.

I dislike their new emphasis on the iPhone, but it can be good for them. If they are going to focus on the iPhone then I hope they will at least do something unique. Maybe they can have the first 4G/LTE iPhone.

The EVO line, which made me fall in love with the world of smartphones is something I hope Sprint keeps alive. HTC's EVO line put them on the map. I hope they will develop a new EVO as impressive as the first, as well as an EVO tablet that can be as impressive as the Galaxy Tab or iPad.

And now that I have an Epic, I'm starting to like Samsung but there are so many to keep track of. Sprint and Samsung should only do two or three high-end phones this year. And Sprint can keep their "Epic" phone line alive this way as well, but they should do something to set Sprint's GS3 apart.
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