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Default Danforth's story

At noon you arrive in The Spinning Beer and sit down in the same booth with Danforth and 4 other people you do not know. Danforth then says “So this is the group I have put together...hmm...I was hoping a few of the others would have joined in on this job but I guess not everyone is up for dangerou...erm...adventures ha..ha.” Danforth surveys everyone’s face with a nervous expression. “Well first I would like to go to a more secure place to discuss things. I have rented a room above this establishment that we can discuss things in a more private setting so to speak, there are some things I have to tell you that I would rather be kept between us.”

At this Danforth proceeds to go up a spiral staircase. You follow Danforth up the staircase to the third floor where it appears Danforth has rented the penthouse that you were unaware The Spinning Beer had. Danforth gestures everyone to sit down at a table that is quite a bit larger than the booth, once everyone is seated he tells you “Well since I doubt you know each other I will do the introductions T'resezk, Smith, H.T.C., Zach, and Cain I suggest you get to know one another since one of these men may be the person who saves your life one day soon.”

Danforth then examines the room again “I would also like to tell you a little about myself. Since I have called you all together and know you will need to be able to trust me for this job to be a success. I hail from Otros and was one of the patriots that fought against Apple Corp when they were trying to take over. I was only a young boy when it happened but I was already enrolled in the army and they sent me to be recruited by Apple Corp to work as a double agent. Shortly after I was one of the youngest members of the iArmy I worked for them for more than 30 years while remaining faithful to my home country even after it fell I worked with underground rebels to plot a new revolution. I moved up the ranks eventually becoming one of the iArmy's top advisors until 20 years ago my double agent status was discovered by some of the top brass I was arrested and scheduled to be executed. Lucky for me the word of my execution was leaked out to some of the rebels and they helped me escape from Apple Corp.”

At this time Danforth’s expression becomes very sad and he seems to be fighting back tears he continues. “After my escape I tried to stay in Otros and help the rebels but after they captured and killed my daughter and son-in-law I took my granddaughter, Estelle Anaveros, and left the country. This is why I need your help. I found out a few days ago that my granddaughter has been captured by Apple Corp. I have tried contacting the government here in Lounge but they were unwilling to assist in her rescue. The rebels in Otros have been all but wiped out and the few that are left are not sure if they should trust me I want you to help me recover my granddaughter and bring her back to Gamin to live with me. I have to tell you that I do not know where she is being held currently I am assuming in Otros but I am not sure, what I need you to do now is break into the Otros embassy in Vipa, go to the director’s office and find the files on where my granddaughter is being held as well as any info stored there on me and her. With this info I should be able to direct you to the correct location to break her out. The file are on encrypted mirco SD chips, please do not try to access them as they will overwrite themselves if someone without the correct credentials tries to access the info stored on them. Bring them back to me and I have the proper knowledge to access them.”

Danforth then opens a bottle of Samsung brand vodka and takes a long drink. “If you have any questions for me or feel like getting to know each other better now is the time to ask. I have arranged for you to stay here tonight I will be sleeping in room 201 on the second floor but will stay here for the time being to answer any questions you may have. Tomorrow you can depart on my boat to go to Vipa if none of you know how to sail I will gladly teach one of you the basics. And if there is anything any of you need let me know I will see hat I can do...oh and does anyone want a drink?”

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