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Lightbulb SLOW Work in progress, porting custom recovery over

All frustrated c800s,
Hi, I'm learning as I go, have been trying to port clockworkmod recovery to our phone for about a month now. I was working in subforum for e739 (MyTouch) and c800 (MyTouch Q) but it was just getting too crowded, also a lot of pessimism, we need optimism for this. There is currently a working recovery and dev for the e739, everyone has stayed away from the c800. I don't know why, everyone ignores me. So, I'm reaching out the the community and hoping that with some organization and pooled thoughts we can get this accomplished. I will summarize what I have learned so far:

To root, set up adb, run
adb shell
$ echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf
$ exit
Then run superoneclick newest version, which is 2.3.3. This is from
HTML Code:
It's best to then install a different Home program, then Titanium Backup and freeze or uninstall apps that are t-mo branded or you know don't matter. I sent the moderator a list. Just be sure not to delete the LG Home, If you soft brick you will need that on there to not get stuck in Force-close loop.

If you root and get stuck, try wiping, which is power down, power up with F+A+VOL DOWN+POWER BUTTON, let go power button when first LG logo shows up, the stock 3e recovery loads and wipes /data and /cache. It doesn't wipe /system, so thats why you need the LG Home in there. I think you can get around that by renaming your replacement home the same as the LG one, or placing the actual app file into /system/app, but I haven't tried either.

While on the 3e screen, if you hit the softkey button for Home, you get into the user selectable version, there is an option to flash I BELIEVE this is pretty much our best bet at flashing a custom recovery.

Currently I had some computer issues and had to delete my ubuntu install, so when I"m done moving I'll set that back up. But I've been working off of koush's directions for porting. The main quibbles are setting up and getting the recovery built.

For anyone wanting to start, you can find out how to set up your build environment from reading the info in koush's post, and
HTML Code:
Some other helpful links:
HTML Code:
HTML Code:
HTML Code:
Some notes. The partition structure is
major minor blocks name

179 7 8192 mmcblk0p7 =boot
179 15 462848 mmcblk0p15 =system
179 16 1048576 mmcblk0p16 =data
179 17 8192 mmcblk0p17 =recovery
179 18 102400 mmcblk0p18 =cache
179 20 8192 mmcblk0p20 =lgdrm
179 21 8192 mmcblk0p21 =multimedia

So the recovery.fstab is the same as for e739/e730, however, when flashing the already built custom recovery for those phones into my recovery partition, it won't boot. I can flash back the stock one, and it boots and wipes /data /cache, and flash the custom, nothing. I think there is something to that in the phones init.rc file, however I haven't had the time to check.

Last thing I did before I had to delete my ubuntu install was I was getting errors making the recoveryzip to try to do the fake-flash method. It was saying that the file size was too large. I think it can be compressed further, but haven't found too much info. Maybe the xda subforum for the gt450 or other optimus phones will shed light on that.

So, I'll check back in when I get back up and running.

**update 03/17/2012
Got my build environment set back up. I am uploading stock boot.img and recovery.img compressed in .zip format. Including md5sums for accountability issues that may arrise later:
86da068132b4c44afcb3bc31a96148b3 boot.img
00b5010e915b6f26a33a143f868dd2f9 recovery.img
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