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I will have to say this.. you "accepted full responsibility" for the phone the minute you walk out of the store with it....Mine is almost two years old, so I would not be receiving any "refurbished" nonsense anyway. I carry the insurance as well, which, knock on wood have never used.. I can olny imagine what kind of hassle that would be.. I was so frustrated after the ota's that destroyed the original phone I liked so much... made it very undesirable, border line un usable to the point I'm thinking they sell these things crappy so you buy buy and keep buying. I tried to see if they would put it back to the original version I bought it with and I get the deer in headlights look all techs at verizon must have to learn before being put onto the sales floor. They should not of screwed people that feel it's their right to perfect something or bring it halfway back up to par with the way it was when you bought it. I enjoyed having a few different roms to switch between... the stock stuff has nice features, but there is a lot of un neccessary bloat and junk. We should still be able to root the phone, bottom line. This phone still runs fine for what I need... I should not have to be forced to upgrade so quickly, although a front facing camera intrigues me...
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