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Well, I believe it's a great value. You would be taking advantage of not buying a "Droid" branded phone on Verizon, which automatically saves $$$. The screen is amazing, and the phone is nice and fast. I suggest an extended battery if you plan on keeping data on all day, so you don't have to worry about running low, just in case. I just installed go launcher, and oh my, I had no idea most of this was possible without rooting! It's like a new phone again, woohooo!

Sure, new things will always come out. Quad core is already making the Rezound, Nexus, etc look old, but as I said before, that drives down the price also. The Rezound is still a great phone, though it didn't get much advertising, coming out between the first Razr version and Nexus. It was the only phone that seemed to even come close to making me want it the same way the OG Droid did when it first came out. I don't regret my purchase one bit!
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